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Cloud Tales Tournament Bonus


A long life tale about the cloud, you were wondering what it made of? Let’s forget this, guys! It’s just matter of starting with a story tell slot games ‘Cloud Tales’. Wanna know what it is about?

A beauty and cute imagination of a slot game with 9 lines game play. As simple as other slot games, it comes with bonus symbols which named Mushroom Island and Mystery Eggs.

A WILD and wonderful place! The island will also generate extra WILDS. This will occur in Mushroom Island where you will win more, I promise! And make sure you get egg-cited where the symbols of Mystery Eggs will hatch to give you extra bonuses.

I believe we have had enough summary about the game. So let’s get down the road to a spin maybe? Simply click here to check it out!

In addition, I’m not here just to talk about the game play, guys. Gameplay Interactive is actually offering the Tournament Bonus for this Cloud Tales slot game. To be precise, it’s now running on W88.

When I say BONUS, I really mean it. Player simply get the hands on the spin and win more points to stay on top in order to win prize. You might want to take a look at the prize structure below.

  • 1st prize € 1,000
  • 2nd prize € 500
  • 3rd prize € 250
  • And next 7 players will get € 100 each

This is open to all players. Also there will be a leaderboard for you to check your ranking.

What are you waiting? Let’s start the spin now!

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