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One-stop offers from W88 for Australia

Online Sports Betting – Choice of Platforms


In today’s world of online sports betting like any other online gambling, there are plenty of bookmakers surrounding the globe. ¬†One of the best in providing online betting experience, W88, choose from whatever sports you like to play. We have got everything you need, a-Sports, e-Sports, i-Sports and Number Game.

Online Sports Betting – Tune in more platforms

With the most noticeable of e-Sports live betting that happen to have offered 60s betting type, SBTech, has won award in the In-Play Betting. What more? Over 18,500 live matches for you to draw the winning line. No matter what type of sport, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, golf, racing, etc, we got covered. And with the choices of Asian and European View, we truly believe you will enjoy out of the most betting types at our e-Sports platform.

Otherwise, you might wish to see what’s on our a-Sports, the most authentic Asian’s favorite betting platform. Yes, of course we got ya! China-view is already there if you love it. Go ahead and place bet on 6,000+ events of all time. Additionally, it’s not only the sports you will love to bet. But we have got Number Game which in action to be involved. Bet and watch gorgeous ladies singing and dancing to entertain you during the draw. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a look!


In the case you are looking for mobile betting, yes, we got you moved on. Our mobile version for betting is available for all the platforms. With fast loading and easy-to-use user interface, bet on the go and anywhere you like to.

In addition, this is not just how you would like to play. You will also entertain the promo offers for newbie and loyalty customers. Not only the bonuses, but the rebate. The more you roll, the more rebate you get while the percentage is competitive in the market.

Lastly, the confidence and entertainment of playing with us won’t be described on just the platforms, but the excellence service you will be treated. From all over the social networking tools plus our live chat window, you will be able to contact us no matter where you are and what you use. And our well-trained customer service support will be happy and ready to serve on any types of inquiries.

Don’t tell you are not clicking and giving us a try! Check us out!

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